Kai by ZipThunder - Intelligent Sales Chatbot

Conversational Product Recommender

Built To Excel for Your Shopify Store

Spark a Conversation

Use chat interface to proactively connect with shoppers and discover individual preferences

Redefine Personalization

Suggest products specific to each shopper's unique desires --a more powerful, personalized approach.

Sell More

Targeted product queries deliver relevant results and decrease the amount of time shoppers spend searching.

Kai by ZipThunder - Intelligent Sales Chatbot Features

Catering to a wide range of customers is essential for any online store. ZipThunder's chat widget cuts through customer variety and interacts with shoppers in a familiar format while adopting an improved approach.

Using existing product data, ZipThunder initiates a conversation by asking questions similar to a salesperson at a traditional brick and mortar establishment.

Unless your store is using individual customer data from previous purchases, product recommendations aren't personalized, they're aggregated, big data indicators of shopping trends.

ZipThunder's product suggestions are personalized to customers and vastly superior to store-tailored product recommendations.

Chatbots engage users, generate leads, and increase sales, especially on mobile. ZipThunder's product personalization method surpasses traditional search by utilizing a targeted QA format. Enable customers to shop and search for products intuitively on mobile.

Install RISK FREE and discover the true value of ZipThunder.

Now, your store too can harness the immense potential of chatbot technology!

Frequently Asked Questions/ Support

Is there any setup required?

There is no setup required from your end. Just follow the Installation Instructions and you should be good to go. Accessing your shopify store will display the Kai by ZipThunder product recommender widget.

Does this work on any Shopify store theme?

Kai by ZipThunder works with most Shopify themes. Our app relies on ScriptTags to inject code. If the app does not install on your store, we will be more than happy to assist you. Please contact us at shopify@zipthunder.com

Can I edit the Product Types and Tags displayed in the recommender?

Not yet, but I'm glad you asked. Our current version gathers all the 'Product Types' and 'Tags' automatically for you. Watch for updates in the future.

Is there any commitment or contract?

There is no commitment or contract. It is a completely free app to use. Uninstall the app at any time to cancel.

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